About Us


Champions Gaming Canada (CGC) is an exciting new venture into the world of eSports and Video Gaming events. Our company organizes fun competitive events for the public where everyone is welcome to join and compete in order to be the champion and win amazing prizes. Our events are very unique and have a bold identity of their own. We strive on bringing back the old school couch gaming which provides all participants to be face to face in person, competing with each other. The audience gets to witness tough competition while enjoying the overall atmosphere of gaming, complemented side fun activities for them to enjoy. We bring the community together and allow people to socialize, interact and have a great time at our events.


CGC was formed in October 2016 with the intention of becoming a well-reputed company that hosts video gaming eSports events in Canada. We are based in Toronto, Ontario and have just recently held a successful first event in January 2017. Our first event was a FIFA 17 tournament on PS4 where we were able to get an excellent turnout in a very short period of time. Our event had reputed sponsors as well who were very interested in partnering up with us.

The company was formed by local Toronto individuals who have great enthusiasm for gaming and bringing the community together. The idea came about when we noticed that there are not many fun large scaled eSports events for video gamers to showcase their talents and compete. We hope to be involved in the gaming industry and host fun, memorable events in the coming years.